• From project teams to organization-wide data

    One account to track and manage various budgets by project as well as globally.

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    Piece-of-cake budget management

    Have you decided how you plan to spend your funds for each project or department? Sit back, relax, and let every team prepare their budget and be responsible for tracking it.


    Use pre-defined budget lines or let each project manager create their own as they go. Track how you are measuring up to your estimations as your project moves forward, and learn from each project’s closing budget to prepare the next one.

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    Real-time, integrated expense tracking

    Jellyfish was conceived to help project managers track their spend in real time, learn from it, and make data-driven decisions whenever needed.

    Invite your team, with limited access, to submit expenses as they go for faster data collection from the field. Everything is linked back to the project’s budget so project managers can grasp what’s happening. Then from project to organization level; compare your spend across all live projects.

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    Build trust with transparent, hassle-free reporting

    Too many stakeholders to report to? Finally get rid of back-and-forth emails with spreadsheet reports and budget updates.


    Invite your managers, board, investors, or donors directly to your Jellyfish project. No need to send them any reports anymore; they can just log-in and check the financial status whenever needed. If they still prefer reports to be sent by email, no problem; one click and you’ll have a general financial summary of your project to send their way!

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    Programs, locations, and other reporting criteria

    Project-level finances have no limits or restrictions. Track financial progress across portfolios, programs, locations, themes, sectors, offices... you name it!


    Create and assign labels to projects for whichever criterion you want to group them by. For a snapshot of all projects related to “green energy” for example, just filter with the corresponding label then generate your report or export your data. Do you want a snapshot of the entire organization? Just generate a no-filters global report!

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    Free your accountants!

    Do you work in a medium or large organization? Does the finance department or at least the in-house accountant handle all the pressure of following up with finances?

    Instead of sending your accountants stacks of receipts and tons of unrelated spreadsheets then harass them for update reports, just give them access to your Jellyfish account. With one click, they can download a CSV file that they can simply import into their accounting system of choice. This way, effort is cut by half and happiness is doubled!

  • Invite your partners and stakeholders to your project and never worry about sending reports again!

    Save time, boost your reputation and secure more income.