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You ask & we listen: Jellyfish 1.0

What have we been up to in 2016?

We’ve got some really exciting news to share with you!

For the past several months, we’ve been getting to know you, all the amazing teams that are using Jellyfish. You've been extremely helpful, constantly sharing your feedback and contributing to building the tool that you need.

After a lot of hard work, quite a few sleepless nights, and loads of coffee, we are now ready to announce the roll-out of all the features, updates and improvements that you have asked for, and that will make your Jellyfish experience more seamless, beneficial, and impactful!

1. A fully integrated project interface

We've noticed that most of the action is happening inside the project interface, which is where teams mostly collaborate to manage their different budgets. For that reason, you can now run all of Jellyfish's features from the all-new fully integrated project interface.

If you're working on a single project at one time, you can prepare the budget and funding plans as well as add expenses and receipts directly without ever having to leave the project interface.

2. One-stop, all-in-one forms

But wait, there's more!

We’ve heard a lot of you dreaded the different steps needed to create your first expense, especially when you don't yet have a fully finalized and predefined budget structure and you just want to get started.

Multi-level forms are finally here! Which means you can now create a budget line straight from the expenses form or a funding source right from the receipt interface.

You can now "reverse-budget" your project so you can learn as you go.

3. Pumped up project "collaborators" section

We also noticed that you're inviting both internal team members as well as external guests to participate in managing and monitoring your project budget. For that, the project's "team members" section is now called "collaborators".

Now the real good news is that it's become the easiest thing in the world to invite collaborators to your project: no more creating users then sending them an email with login details and then going back to the project to add them there. All of that got automated: just add a new collaborator in the project interface and send them an auto-invite without breaking a sweat!

4. Multi-project management with "labels"

If you thought that was it, think again!

Let's take this scenario: you're managing a program that's being implemented through multiple projects handled by different teams. How can you leverage Jellyfish to keep the project-level budget management easy for your team, yet have program-level insight to help you make smarter strategic decisions?

One word: LABELS.

Create a label for your program and assign it to the different projects under that program. For project-level data and reports, just go to your project interface. If you need program-level data, go to the top-level interfaces from your menu (projects, budget, funding, expenses, receipts), filter by your program's label to see all of the relevant projects, then generate the reports that you need.

Now think of how you'd need to group your own projects: by program, theme, sector, location (office), country, etc. Remember that you can assign multiple labels to each project so you're able to track based on multiple criteria simultaneously.

5. Organization-wide summary reports

We've seen how you can manage project-level and program-level budgets. What if you're running the operations of the entire organization?

This is probably one of the features that have been requested most. If you want a snapshot of your organization's entire financial status, just use the "Report" feature in the "Projects" interface.

You can obviously still export expense, receipt, budget, or funding data to CSV from their respective interfaces. And you can definitely filter those by label, project, budget line, funding source, or date range, and quickly check the total or export everything into a file that you can further edit in spreadsheets or import to other software that you use.

6. Talk to us at any time!

As always, one of our primary concerns is to keep an open communication channel with all of you! Which is why, we could not release V1.0 without a fully integrated live-chat support solution.

If you have any questions or feedback, just hit the small bubble on the bottom-right corner and talk to any one of us. We're there to help you every step of the way.

Jellyfish is getting better. We’ve only listed what your eyes can see but the developers also worked on the improvements that you'll feel while using the app from now on. Thank you for helping us build a tool that is making teams like yours achieve so much more!

If you have any requests to improve your Jellyfish experience, please don't hesitate to let us know because we really listen.

The Jellyfish team!

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