• Budget management for project teams

    Easily collaborate with your team to take control of your project financials without breaking a sweat!

  • On-the-go

    expense tracking

    Your team can add their expenses on the spot, leading to fast, effortless data-driven decisions.


    a piece of cake

    Forget about back-and-forth reports. Invite stakeholders to your project for real-time updates.



    Part of a community or organization running multiple projects? One platform to rule them all.

  • Real-time updates of your project budgets

    Invite your team, your manager, your accountant, and your donor or investor to access their project financials anywhere and at any time. Finally get rid of your time-wasting spreadsheets and back-and-forth emails.

    Lightning-fast setup

    and on-boarding​

    It’s overwhelming to learn a new platform. We know it, it’s the same for us. But with Jellyfish, you and your team would be up and running in less than 15 minutes.


    without borders

    Accounting is centralized when project finances happen anywhere regardless of legal structures. Monitor project spend across multiple companies or countries.

    Upgrade to real-time​

    with zero effort

    Crowdsourced financial management; everyone contributes in real-time on the same tool. Now you can make smart and informed financial decisions at any time.

  • "I feel that jellyfish helped me gain time, energy, and accuracy through their reports. Most importantly, having instant reporting helped my decision-making and allowed for anticipation."



    - Ferroudja Belaidi, Program Officer at Caritas Algeria


    "Jellyfish is exactly what we need. It is simple enough for us to know how to use it and it is helping us become more financially aware of where we stand."


    - Khalil Azar, Financial Manager at DSC

    "Our caseworkers love Jellyfish and its simplicity. As a program manager, I can say that it helped our team save time and money and become more transparent to our donors."


    - Sofia Kareem, Program Manager at Inara

    "For a newly established NGO, we got introduced to jellyfish at the right time as it gave us the basis to adopt sound financial practices and stay on top of our financial state in real time."


    - Niazi Gunesh Atay, Financial Manager at Besme co

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  • Save time, boost your reputation and secure more funds.

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